Sunday, March 13, 2016

David, David, David!

I have more exciting things to post about David! This has been an exciting time for him. :)

Sleepover with Bailey! David's best friend from Wisconsin moved here to Ohio. They've been able to hang out pretty regularly. Somehow I doubt they'll follow us to California. Boo. We will miss the Zampardis! (David and Bailey have one more epic play date left this coming weekend.)

Boy Scout camp out! David joined in at a Boy Scout activity, and he earned his Whittling Chip!

One day Greg took David to work. David got to sit through one of Greg's lectures and also see what a thesis defense is like. Then in the afternoon they headed over for a farewell visit to the Air Force Museum. David had an awesome time!

Tae Kwon Do! These are all the boards David has broken at all of his belt tests. Wow! (Look at that BLACK BELT. Hooray!)


David's team made it to the playoffs! They were the best 4th grade boys team in the district.

It was a great season! We are so impressed with how hard David worked!! He was always super excited to go to practice, and he tried his very hardest. He really dedicated himself to learning what his coach was teaching them. He improved so much! I am so proud if him. I am so amazed by what a mature young man he is becoming. Go David!

P.S. Yeah, so I have to conclude this post with a sister selfie. These are the girls entertaining themselves while waiting for David's playoff game to start.